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That was my car!

Well, the Gothmobile is injured. I came home from Robbi and Julayne's house tonight around midnight and parked right in front of my apartment. I went into my apartment and about 5 minutes later I hear a crash and someone yelling "SHIT! GO! GO!" then tires screeching. I ran to the window and saw a car driving away really fast, I caught a look at the plate and it looked like it started with UHS but that's about it. I ran downstairs and looked... the rear passenger door is smashed in (window amazingly didn't break at all) and the rear driver's side tire was bent in from where the dipshits had literally pushed my car up onto the curb... yeah they hit it that fucking hard!

The idiots pulled out of an angle parking spot and directly hit my car!! I called the cops who told me I needed to come in and fill out an accident report. My parents are out of town so I called Robbi who offered to come with me to the police station. I forgot my ID so we stopped back at my house to pick it up and Robbi found a piece of the asshole's tail light on the ground. We took it in and the car wobbled the entire way, I think the tire is close to coming off. The cops took a report and I took Robbi and the car home. Tomorrow I have to call the insurance company and blah blah blah.

I'm almost positive I'll see that damn car that hit me again... I don't think the driver knows I saw him or the car. But yes my car is out of commission for awhile which sucks because I really need it right now too. Thank god I'm fully covered... I'm just so angry right now... I'm really glad that Robbi came over though because I was damn near crying. That car is my pride and joy, I worked so many hours to be able to afford that car. My car is a black 2000 Honda Civic LX for anyone who is curious or didn't know. Well... looking on the bright side now maybe I have have all the little dings and scratches taken care of now too.

I hope those idiots are dumb enough to bring the car around again because I'll be watching...
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